Chiropractic works by manipulating the joints and relaxing the muscles so that the function of the joints can return and the pain can be relieved.

Pain may be felt over the problem area or it can be referred to other areas, for example low back pain can cause pain down the leg and/or into the groin, and into other joints such as the knee or ankle.

Chiropractic treatment is very helpful in all such cases as it addresses the root cause of the problem rather than the symptoms.




 Spinal Manipulative Therapy involves specific adjustments, or short thrusts to release the joints and to maintain their function. You can often hear a pop, much like cracking your knuckles. This is simply bubbles of gas being released from the joints.

At both Chiropractic Health, Swindon and the Chiropractic Centre, Basingstoke, we also use a treatment called sacro-occipital technique, which involves muscle releases and utilizes triangular shaped wedges or blocks to traction the spine and pelvis accordingly.

The above treatments can be used on anyone, young or old and as the latter treatment is gentler it can be used on people with osteoporosis or replacement joints.

For more information you can visit the British Chiropractic Association at or the General Chiropractic Council at


Chiropractic can help many joint and muscle problems. It works on the principle that when you are in pain it is due to joint inflammation. This can occur from injuring the joint like a sprain-strain injury or from wear and tear. The muscles then contract to protect the joint causing the muscle spasm often associated with back and neck pain.